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Sacred Rage Alchemy

A 3 hour, in-person experience designed to reconnect you to your rage, liberate your spirit and embody you in your power in a way you've never imagined possible.

You do not have to fear your own rage. It's your power, waiting to be reclaimed.

  • Embrace rage in a way that goes beyond talking, feels safe and frees you from it's grip.

  • Embody worthiness, power, and a new depth of being - the portal into feminine magic.

  • Alchemize anger, go beyond release, and channel its energy for intentional creation.

  • Experience physical and emotional expression, held in one the safest environments you've ever been.

  • Move through levels of fear, anxiety and shame that talking could never touch.

Welcome wild, untamed soul. 


I’m so so glad you’re here. You may be excited to be here. You may be here reluctantly, timidly, fearfully, or all of the above. All of these are normal responses to opening the door to your rage for the first time (or the first time in a new way, or in a while).

It’s safe to be here. It’s healthy to be here. It’s the opening to a wildly exciting, expansive way to live. 


And I can pretty much assure you, Sacred Rage Alchemy is like no ‘personal development’ work you’ve done before. I say that with a cheeky smile on my face.

I am in love with rage. To me, rage is sacred. Rage is one of the most loving, even gentle forces of innocence on the planet. The reclamation of rage is the birthright of every woman on the planet and a magical descent into a level of wholeness, liberation and power that can only be accessed through her gates.

Rage is a portal into your wholeness, aliveness, feminine magic and truest self. The portal to worthiness in a way that you’d never expect, and then never forget.

Those who have gone through Sacred Rage Alchemy have now nicknamed it “The Portal” because of how powerfully it changes you.


Because everything is life-force energy, and repressed rage is powerful life force energy, your journey in Sacred Rage Alchemy will be a reclamation of power hard to put into words. It’s not talk therapy or coaching. You might not even be consciously aware of which of your life experiences, memories, instances or trauma you’ll be working with. 


Everyone has rage. Either from really challenging and traumatic experiences, or simply being a being in our culture conditioned to codependency, restricted expression and people-pleasing. Rage is equally born from the inability to truly, wholly be yourself.


To understand the magic, tenderness and importance of Sacred Rage Alchemy, you have to understand our current cultural relationship to rage. Which is that it is actually the most shamed and feared emotion.

It is repressed, feared and in many ways, forbidden. And we’re suffering greatly as a result. There is no way for you to feel whole, alive and vibrant if certain parts of you are shamed or forbidden. 

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The Cultural Experience of Rage

So many people are terrified of their own rage. They’re afraid that if they let it out, it will come out unhinged and harm people, that they'll lose control of it or only feel rage from then on if they release it. They’ve likely experienced this on small levels when pushed to their max and doing or saying hurtful things. This is a result of an unconscious relationship to anger and rage. Once you learn to consciously work with it, this fear is nearly eliminated.

You cannot talk your way through rage. Meditation and love and light will not fully allow you to reclaim what is available through feeling it fully. It’s too powerful of an energy for words to be its only vehicle. It needs to be felt. This is why you may have spent decades in therapy, and yet you still feel stuck, anxious and un-healed. We have not been taught how to welcome, meet, feel and express our most powerful emotions. And so, they remained repressed - creating dis-ease, anxiety, depression and stuckness. They must be felt and then re-integrated for use in your own personal power.

Sacred rage Alchemy is different from a rage release. If you are allowed to express anger at all in our culture, one of the only outlets for anger or rage is in something like a ‘rage room.’ A place where you are given a baseball bat and invited to destroy whatever you want to ‘let out’ your anger. Scream into a pillow or punch a pillow. While there isn’t anything wrong with this, it misses the point of anger. Which isn’t meant to only be released, which creates temporary relief. 


It’s meant to be alchemized. Which means that you release the bursting energy, but then actually take the power and redirect it somewhere else in your mind, body and spirit to be used for creating what you long for. This is alchemy. To take one energy, and convert it into another to be used intentionally.

To the shaman, everything is sacred. Everything is God. And if everything is God, then so is rage. So, in SRA, we approach and treat rage with deep, deep reverence that it's not only not shameful, it's purposeful, healing and useful in the creative and manifesting process. 


“Rage is really actually quite magical. It’s true, deepest, nature is really kind and actually quite gentle when you develop a relationship with it.” Vanessa 


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The Sacred Rage Alchemy Ceremony

Sacred Rage Alchemy is an invitation into your full power and divinity in a radical way. 


Most people are terrified to even admit that they have rage in them. They feel like if they let it out, it will never end, destroy everything or have them crumble. Some people are convinced they don’t even get angry, only ‘frustrated,’ and yet, cannot figure out why they can’t move forward or heal from the past. 


Most people who enter SRA are incredibly nervous about what is to come. So, while I do feel it’s incredibly important for much of what we do in SRA to only be experienced without knowing everything in advance (this is part of the healing), here is enough to hopefully ease your nerves and allow you to make the choice to come and experience it.

What to Expect

Sacred rage alchemy is intentionally created to support you to understand, meet, connect to, express and finally alchemize your rage, grief, anger, powerlessness and stuckness. 


It is a 2-3 hour, physical experience inside of a (sound proof) boxing gym with colored lighting and loud music, that takes you through rounds designed to gradually build your connection, trust and expression of the powerful energy within you. First through rage, power, truth, sometimes even joy and laughter and ultimately, peace.


Round 1: Setting Context

You will reflect on your relationship to rage and begin to establish trust between you and your rage


Round 4: Adding Voice

Gain comfort in using sound to communicate, strengthening trust and connection to rage


Round 2: Establish Connection

Begin embodiment and presence to rage through sacral breathing


Round 5: Release Control

Allow yourself to become surrendered to the full expression emotionally and physically


Round 3: Beginning Expression

We layer in more physicality through punching and deepen connection to rage


Round 6: Activate Power 

Activate your power and grief by layering the words you've never had the chance to speak


Round 7: Reclaim the truth

Round 8: Pure Expression

Round 9: Integration

The 10th round: Peace and Abundance

This round is on your own.

You will be invited to go spend 30 minutes in nature following the ceremony. 

You will experience peace and abundance, connection to self and life in a profoundly new way. 

I encourage you to create as much space and solitude as possible the remainder of the day.

Access deep layers of worthiness through speaking the truth of what is meant to be

Flow through states of rage, grief, joy, power, truth, laughter and freedom

Guided meditation and sound healing, energy clearing and grounding 

About Vanessa

Hello dear friend.


 I spent more than a decade on the healing path before I met my rage. Quite by accident. 

I was a person who "didn't get angry." 

Frustrated, sure. Stressed, definitely. I had, what I refused to call anxiety, everyday of my life, nearly all day that compelled me to achieve endlessly more.

I was a high functioning anxious entrepreneur. I built a multi-six figure coaching business, had a beautiful life, but felt desperately alone, deeply unhappy, unsatisfied and compulsive. 

I was convinced that only more money, more relevance and success would ease my anxious heart.

Deep down, I ached to be cared for. I felt like no one could hold me, see me, understand me. I was desperately lonely and bored in my business and life.

I didn't know what I longed for was to be whole, home, feminine and intimate with myself, others and God.

Quite by surprise one day, I erupted in rage at my spiritual teacher. I'd never expressed rage in my life. I was met with a delighted and surprised reaction from my teacher and encouraged to allow even more to flow through. 


The days and months following were filled with more rage, and what then surprised me, deeper levels of peace, ease, sexual energy, turn on for and trust in life, creativity and power. 

More than I ever knew was there, but always sensed was missing. 

Sacred Rage Alchemy was born and onto the shamanic path I stepped. It was through that experience that I realized that, until we reclaim it all, the healing, shame, trauma and fear will remain. 

That beast you fear inside is your soul my dear. Your raw, wild power. She's desperate for you to reunite with her. 

And I cannot wait to witness the beauty that arises. 

~ Vanessa 
Medicine name: Venus ~ Whirling goddess, Sacred phoenix heart, Rose Chalice of sweetness, surrender and celebration of life. Creatura de Fuego.


Quite by 

  • Why is this only offered to women?
    Due to the nature of the way men and women need to be held differently in rage, it wouldn’t be the correct environment for a man to be properly held in his rage. While women can gather in a community to express rage together, held by me, most men will benefit from being held by multiple men to be correctly held in their rage. My heart aches for men right now. I deeply deeply long for them to be able to feel deeply. I am working on finding an excellent referral partner in Denver for men. In the meantime, I encourage you to look into the Mankind Project and do their New Warrior Training.
  • Are there any negative effects of working with rage?
    This is a very physical session and injury is unlikely, but possible. So it’s important to consider your physical capability as you would in a normal boxing class. You will likely be sore for a few days after, like any physically demanding work and could potentially have some bruising on your knuckles (depending on how hard you punch. This has never happened to me, but has happened to participants before). You are also likely going to be touching on some of your deepest wounds. While you won’t necessarily be conscious of which wounds you’re working with, and that touching these wounds is essential to the healing process at the soul level, it’s important to know that it can feel painful to go there. The session is designed not to leave you there, but it is impossible to predict the ways you may feel after. If, after the session you feel worse, not better - of course reach out to me for support.
  • Do I need to have boxing experience to do this session?
    Not at all. I will guide you through the basic punches and we will work a little on form, just enough to avoid injury. But like any boxing class, you can learn as you go.
  • Do I need any gear for this?
    Yes. You will need traditional hand wraps. I recommend buying them online and I will help you wrap your hands. Please avoid quick-wraps as I don’t believe they offer enough support. Gloves will be provided.
  • What should I wear/bring?
    You’re welcome to wear any kind of workout clothes or clothes that you can move freely in and workout sneakers. I will be, and invite you, to also allow yourself to dress in a way that represents expression, power and liberation. You can paint your face, or wear something that allows you to feel like the warrior-goddess within. Please make sure you don’t wear anything that will get in the way of free movement, or accessorize in a way that could fall off. Please bring water.
  • Do I need to do integration work after?
    The session is designed to include integration. That is the importance of the word Alchemy. It’s not about opening deep wounds and then requiring lots of sessions after to understand how to work with. There’s not really anything you need to do after. The integration mostly happens on its own though, I recommend the more you come, the more you’re able to work with yourself. If you need support after, please reach out to me. For most people, they are permanent. The changes that occur in this session are as deep as it gets. The trust you establish with yourself is life-lasting. Most people report feeling tired or ‘off’ for a day or two after, and then ‘energized and high’ for about a week. They then report still feeling the impact and integration months after. But the transformation that occurs is permanent.
  • How often should I come?
    As often as you need. As often as feels good. As often as you desire. My hope is that through these sessions, rage isn’t something you try to get rid of. Rather that you develop and nurture a life-long relationship to this sacred gift. Think about it like soul-fitness. The more you work with your rage, the more masterful you become.
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