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A free half-day immersion where what emerges cannot be predicted or reduced by what came before.

Friday | March 24 | 2023 • 12pm - 4pm MT (2pm - 6pm ET)

Wild one. Your time is now. Your restless spirit can be contained no longer. Confined no more. Restricted, dimmed, diminished, withheld, ignored, slowed down…



You can feel the essence of you, the Truth of you dying to break free. To push, claw, escape, rise, unleash desperate to…



This is Emergence. A half-day transformative immersion into the depth of the truest essence of who you are. And a journey into your fiercest, freest, most fun and liberating expression to date. 

This is not about fixing yourself or even improving yourself. These are relics of your past.

This is not about being saved, surviving or just getting by. You are ready for more than that.

This is not about healing, though much healing will occur.

This is about devotion and illumination of the pure sacred desires that stir in your soul.

This is about the deepest longings of your heart to feel at home on this planet, in your body, to arrive in your life.


This is a siren song to wake up both to the Truth of who you are and the reality of what you have created so far. Unwilling to turn your face away from either. Courageous of heart.

This is not about grasping for material wins, achievements and toxic success. It is about claiming them fully.

This is a portal for you to:​

  • Fully claim your seat at the fucking table.

  • Drop the barriers to have you be seen.

  • Renounce self-preservation in the name of full liberation and expression.

  • Arrive in your life. The one that you’ve been waiting for has actually been waiting for YOU to sit your ass down and arrive.

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About Emergence

Friday March 24, 2023
12pm - 4pm MT (2pm - 6pm ET)
Virtual on Zoom
There is no cost to join this experience

​In this half-day immersion, I’ll lead you on a journey into five realms of magic that blend the four elements required to create a magical life that you feel alive in.


You belong on this planet. 

You deserve everything.

You crave to create it and experience it differently.

You are here for more.


 This is your formal invitation into your Emergence.


And oh, by the way… it’s FREE.


Let's fucking go.

A little about me.


I’m about as deep as it gets as a human being. I’m spiritual AF. I work with shamans, I am on the long journey to become one, I talk to my guides, leave cookies on my altar (that inevitably my dog or daughter eats). I talk to trees and spend the majority of my waking (and sleeping) hours in contemplation and evolution.


I swear like a fucking sailor, eat sleeves of Trader Joes Joe Joes (I’m sorry and you’re welcome), am actively trying to be less of a good person, rebel against most of the shit I see in the personal development industry these days, and believe in real.raw.joyful.and fucking practical application of the deep teachings I love and live for.

I’m not trying to make you a better person.

I believe that the point of healing isn’t to make you better or more whole. It’s to make you more of the you you were before you learned that you had to be different.

And to help that you get everything she wants.

You in?

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