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Sacred Sales Crucible 

Learn to sell skillfully & masterfully, by being 1000% yourself, without manipulating.

I truly believe that there isn't a more powerful place than sales to reclaim your full power, expression, relationship with trust, life, god and money. It's a place to depart from people-pleasing, contorting and shape-shifting to get what you want. It will reveal every nook and cranny where you're bailing on yourself, making yourself and others small and pretending you don't know. This is why it is called a Crucible. Gold is what emerges.

  • Discover the transformative power of Sacred Sales, shifting your perspective from fear to fearless FLOW.

  • Embrace a different approach to sales that is anchored in deep devotion to your soul's work and your client's soul path.

  • Purify your vision, liberate your spirit, and serve with the utmost respect and reverence, creating a sacred space for sales.

  • Learn to enroll clients without pushing or manipulating, while honoring their unique journey and timing.

  • Anchor into the correct fees, transcend discomfort in the sales process, and make it your own, authentically aligning with your values.

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How would your life and biz be different if you weren’t afraid of sales.


What if you LOVED it?


Not because you got over your fear of doing something you hated, that often goes against your intuition and feels harmful. 


But because you learned that Sacred Sales is something completely…other.

(My team calls me the Danny Rojas of sales. SALES IS LIFE!)


Most soul-led entrepreneurs hatred for sales isn’t fear, it’s wisdom. You should hate sales when it feels gross in your body, pushy and manipulative. 


Culturally our approach to sales is not sacred, doesn’t honor the two humans in the conversation and leaves both people feeling disconnected and dishonored and disempowered.


Leaving you with resisting the most important aspect that will flow in money and allow you to do what you came here to do.

As a result you spend most of your energy fearing money flow, disconnecting from your source and losing faith in your dream, your skills and yourself.


This is not the way of the sacred.


The way of sacred sales is completely other.


Sacred sales is a completely different way of relating to sales, anchoring in the deep devotion to your soul, your souls work and your client’s soul path.


It’s a kind of sales that is purifying for your vision and spirit, liberates your soul and is in the utmost highest of service, respect and reverence for the person in front of you.


And it fucking works to bring in money.


Sacred sales empowers you to:


  • Honor your desire not to push, AND fiercely reveal the blocks keeping your prospective clients from working with you. 

  • Remove co-dependency and people-pleasing from your business and life AND release the most authentic expression of you, everywhere. 

  • Grow out of your fear of sales and become masterful in enrolling clients, AND honor the person in front of you, their process and timing.

  • Make sales in spite of people’s fear and hesitation around money and change WITHOUT pushing, manipulating or disempowering.

You will also:


  • Anchor into the correct fees for you and your clients. 

  • Transcend any part of sales that feels icky about the process and make it your own.

  • Learn an incredibly simple process for enrollment that gets you and your clients clear if it is a fit, AND serves their trajectory regardless of whether they buy.

  • Stop fearing ‘no’, and loving it.

  • Receive guidance and shifting around handling money fears. 

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Wednesday June 28, 2023
12pm - 3pm MT (3pm - 6pm ET)
Virtual on Zoom

Some promises <3
Sacred Sales will: 

  • You will meet everything you’re afraid of on this path.

  • This will bring up some of the deepest wounding, longing to be met, held and loved.

  • Sacred sales leaves little place to hide in ego or shadow. It’s confronting, uncomfortable and sometimes cringeworthy - this is also WHY it is so effective in soul liberation. 

  • Sacred sales is a fiercely possessive lover. Leaving only the truest of you in tact. I smile as I write that. 

  • It will reveal all of the places you currently hide, contort, manipulate, diminish yourself and others in your business.

  • Open you up to levels of love you can’t imagine.

  • Reconnect you to God in a way that ONLY money can.

  • Reveal to you the power that you’ve been aching to feel in your mind, body, heart and soul.

  • Allow you to reclaim parts of your spirit that you couldn’t anywhere else.

  • Radically - and quickly - change your relationship to money.

  • Return a sense of control in your business. (A *sense ;) )

  • Shift the way you show up everywhere in your life.

  • Feel liberated, permission to be fully you in every area of your business.

  • Dramatically up-level the way you deliver service to your current clients and customers.

  • Step into a bold new paradigm of leadership.

  • Break every rule that you don’t like in sales, marketing and service delivery.

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About Vanessa

Hello dear friend.


 I've been a self-employed entrepreneur for over a decade now, working with top performing entrepreneurs, influential organizational leaders and professionals, and led trainings for companies like Linkedin and Reddit. I've experienced the exhilaration of bringing in enough money, the desperate moments of chasing it to pay my bills and experiencing wild abundant flow, and everything in between.

In my coaching practice, I've consistently earned six and multiple six-figures. And done it all while working with a small group of no more than six clients at a time, and about 20 hours a week.

I also own a gym that's growing incredibly fast through our culture of Sacred Sales. It's the a happy place for my team, where we combine deep intimacy and killer performance.

But. I used to be totally consumed by money. I sacrificed my soul, my happiness, and even my relationship with God. Money was my God.


Despite earning what I was, working how little I was, I felt totally trapped. I didn't spend my time paddle boarding and hiking like I do, now. I spent it consumed by where the next dollar would come from, and how much more I could make to feel a sense of relevance and significance. 

I thought that if I just got better at what I did, the money would start pouring in. But it never worked out that way.

I realized that I was using skill to avoid sales. Sales was something I had to overcome to get to the sacred work I loved. 

I discovered that the sales process itself is sacred. It's not just about closing deals and making money. It's about a deeper connection with Self and God/ Sales itself is a spiritual journey. This changed everything.

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