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Welcome friend,

Take a much-needed rest and be here.

I know you. On the outside, you’re killing it. People around you are impressed, inspired and amazed by what you accomplish.

But on the inside, you’re dying. You’re exhausted, panicked that you’re going to be found out, driven by anxiety, perfectionism and maybe even trauma.

On some level you feel like there must be a point in the future, some level of success where you can finally relax. You’re headed there regardless.

But I have to tell you, that point isn’t coming. In fact, you passed it a long time ago.

The “there” you’re running to doesn’t exist. Because the “there” you’re trying to reach is actually, here, now. This present moment.

And it’s not out there, it’s in you.

Let me relax you. This is GOOD news for your ambition. You actually become exponentially more successful when you stop running.

We’ll get to that later. But first, you have to stop running.

“Your soul is tired my friend, it’s time to put the world down. You’ve spent all this time carrying everything and everyone, and never realized, someone is carrying YOU.”

A friend said these words to me years ago. And it was until many years later that I understood what she meant. Until I stopped running. Until I put the world down. Until I let myself be carried.

This is deep, hard work. It will require you to reverse the way you’ve been living, achieving and succeeding. But the good news is that you’ll finally reach the point you’ve always been running toward.

You’re tired because despite achieving just about everything you’ve ever set out to, you still don’t feel like it’s enough, or like you’re enough.

You’re tired because despite achieving just about everything, you’re still full of anxiety and don’t know how to get rid of it.

You have no plans to slow down your achievements or lower your bar for success, but you want to feel better about yourself and your life.

On one level, you’re happy, succeeding and doing great, but under the surface you’re
struggling, suffering and feel really alone.


You desperately want to be part of a community but aren’t sure who, or where, or how.

You’re great at leading, not so great at connecting when you’re not the leader.

Objectively, you’re killing it. But that’s not enough. You’re still afraid you’re falling short, disappointing people or going to be found out.

I. Get. You.

I was you. It’s fucking horrible and you need help.





Friend, you’re chasing the wrong edge. You’re playing games you can’t win. The road you’re on leads to exactly the same place you’re in now, just with more accolades under your belt.

I’m not going to ask you to give those up. In fact, I’m going to show you how to create even more. But not only on the outside. 


See, you’ve been playing the game to perfection - but you’re not getting what you want because you’ve only been playing HALF the game. 

You think you want to succeed. And you do. But that’s not enough. It will never be enough. Because what you really long for is to THRIVE.

And to thrive you need success PLUS self-expression.

And until now, you’ve only been focused on success at the EXPENSE of self-expression. Which is why you feel like a successful pile of poop.

We’re going to start to play the full game, all out. You’re already great at succeeding, my guess is you just need a few tweaks to take that even further.

You’re probably doing way too much.
Obsessed with productivity.
Have a hard time slowing down.
Likely not getting to the really important tasks in your business.
Doing a ton but still feeling overwhelmed.
Struggle with prioritization and block scheduling.
Full of goals but no strategy (you might even be asking, “What do you mean by strategy?”
It’s okay, we can fix these things. Once you see how much more effective they make you, you’ll never go back.

And simultaneously, we’re going to reclaim, rebirth and release yourself.

When you say freedom is what you really want, yes financial freedom is part of it.

But the full freedom to be you, feel you and express you is the other half of freedom that money and success can never give you – is what your soul is longing for.


This is what I mean when I say you’re chasing the wrong edge.

To fully self- express means that you have to learn how to:

  • Know yourself. Like actually know who the fuck you are. At the deepest level.

  • Master your mind and thoughts and able to discern which ones are creative and which are destructive - and how to eliminate the latter.

  • Stop running from painful experiences and emotions without being trampled by them.

  • Vulnerably open up to actually letting someone else know you, and see your imperfections so the full you can feel love.

  • Allow yourself to feel loved even when you’re not succeeding - let alone failing.

  • Separate your worth from your productivity.

  • Separate your value from what you give to others.

  • Learn to receive.

  • Let go of control and allow life to co-create your massive vision and success

THIS is the other half of the game. THIS is self-expression.

When you do this work, master this game and combine THAT with your epic performance skills, you will experience exponential levels of success, wealth and joy.

When your achievements are no longer the only way you feel worthy, when you feel safe to slow down and let creativity and miracles step in, when you are aligned in your desires because you’re not afraid to fail, THEN you will THRIVE.

That’s what I’m here to support you with.

Want to experience Thrive before you join? Use Coupon Code THRIVE50 at checkout to receive your first 30 days for $50.00. *Available to new community members only. 


Where high performance meets spiritual evolution and success collides with self-expression.

We will meet twice per month for 2 hours.

In the calls, I’ll coach someone. From that coaching, a universal principle will emerge.

I’ll do a small teaching on that principle and we’ll break out in small groups for you to go deep yourself on that topic.

We'll rejoin as a group and repeat this 2-3 times per call.

You will be coached on every call, not directly by me, but by my coaching on whomever is being coached, and directly by your breakout groups (2-3 times per call).

You’ll also be asked to complete a thoughtful self-reflection before and after each call. This will help you clarify challenges, misalignments and action steps to create incremental and
exponential change in your world - inside and out.


One call each month will focus on success. High-performance principles that help you move FOWARD on the OUTSIDE.

One call each month will focus on self-expression. Deep principles that will help you move


Combined, your life will move forward and your heart will open to life in the present.
Experience more freedom, wealth, fulfillment and joy.


Your investment: $500/month for a minimum 6-month commitment.

After that you’re free to stay as long as thrive helps you thrive and evolve, and if you feel
complete - you’re welcome and invited and honored in your decision to move on.

With your investment - you’ll also receive one buddy pass per month. You’re welcome to bring someone you love or care about every month, on me.
*Note that you may bring each friend one time.

A little more about what you might be experiencing... that we will be handling...

  • You long to feel ‘at home’ in your life

  • You desperately want to feel like you’re enough and that your achievements are enough

  • You want to feel “there”

  • You want to relax, to slow down

  • You want to reach your potential

  • You want to (and are equally afraid to) end your perfectionism and let go of your anxiety

  • You want to feel connected and have more friends, or more time for the ones you have

  • You want more joy. You want joy to be your default.

  • You want to have more fun and be more playful - to take life, your success and yourSELF less seriously

  • You want to feel sexier, more attractive and more confident

  • You desire more sex, better sex, more connected sex

You also want to...

  • Be a better leader

  • Take more risks

  • Earn more money

  • Create more freedom

  • Ask for less permission

  • Inspire people and create more impact

  • Let go of caring what people think

  • Stop fearing confrontation

  • Get bigger roles - either in your company or in your business

  • Get more of the right work done

  • Move forward in your career or business

  • Increase your visibility

  • Feel more powerful


How many people will be on each call and how much opportunity will I have to participate?

The short answer is - I don't know. At the beginning it will likely be small, but it's uncapped. There could be 5 at first and 100 later. But the design is meant to support that in a few ways:

1. You will always be coached - even if not directly by me. You can listen to someone else's
coaching FOR you and gain incredible insight.


2. 2-3 times per call, you will break out and work with another person through an exercise I design.

3. Your pre- and post-call questionnaire will also help you nail down insights and action to
integrate them and your pre call questionnaire will have you accountable to whether you did it or not and why.


Do I have to attend every call? Will the calls be recorded?

No. I am not your accountability coach and I’m not going to become one. My job is to help you shift profoundly and permanently. I can’t do that as well if you’re not on the calls.


I invite you to think about Thrive differently than the communities you’ve been in before. This  program is not about learning more information, it’s about deep and impactful transformation. The simplicity of Thrive’s design is all geared toward that one goal.

All of the calls will be recorded and uploaded into the Thrive community, but I encourage you to be on as many of them live as possible.

Are there refunds? Can I quit before the 6 months is up? 

No and no. Your investment is your commitment. I encourage you to purchase a one-time ‘Explorer Pass’ to see if the community feels like the right fit for you if you feel unsure about joining.

But once you’re in, your commitment for 6 months is your accountability to show up.


Commitment creates everything in your worldMy loving intensity around this isn’t for me. It’s for you. When you make your coaching, your time in transformation and your investment the most important thing in your life – your entire life will start to change.

Life will always try to get in the way.

Thrive is your opportunity to never let your life you have get in the way of the life you want.

Will there be content that goes along with the calls?

I will be sharing videos and writing with you, as well as my favorite books and resources that have helped me and my clients along this journey. But the content I will be sharing will be geared toward vulnerable self-expression and less about learning more information.

For most of the people in this community, more information is the very thing in the way of embodying the deep shifts we’re working to create.

This may change at a later date, but for now, just focus on being present on the calls and

shifting as a human. The life you bring to the calls is the content. Your application of insight from the calls back into your life will be the transformation.

Who is Thrive NOT for?

Thrive probably isn’t for you if you require accountability to be in action.

Thrive is best for those who are biased toward action and are likely doing too much. If you really genuinely struggle to get motivated, consistently feel discouraged and disappointed by your follow through, this community might actually stress you out more than inspire you. (I’m creating another community geared toward supporting those who struggle to get into action soon).

Thrive is also not for you if you’re looking for someone to save you, or tend to blame others for your life experiences (there is zero judgement here, I did the same for years), this container would just not be the best fit.


Thrive is also not for you if what you really want is 1-1 support. This is a very community drive, group led coaching container.

How do I know Thrive is for me?


  • You resonated with everything I shared above.

  • It feels like I was speaking directly to your soul.

  • You’re driven and ambitious, but somehow, unsatisfied.

  • You have a bias toward action. If anything, you need to do less.

  • You have a desire to go deep into yourself and explore the more spiritual inner nature of yourself.

  • You’re self-reflective.

  • You’re really excited about being a part of a community of high-performers.

You are READY for this change. You may not know how, but you know that even though you want more external success, you know that it’s not going to solve the deeper longing in your heart.

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