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Sacred Sales

Free training: Deep dive into your relationship with sales and emerge in love.

For about five years I hid in my at home office, alone, hiding. 

I would have denied it to the death at the time, but it's exactly what I was doing. 

I'd already had a 6-figure coaching practice by then and had for years. But I felt inadequate, irrelevant and bored...and frustrated as to why I didn't have more prospective clients. 

I knew in my gut that in part, it was because of some painful experiences I'd had as a coach in my earlier years, but the truth was, I was terrified of really selling.

I was afraid of raising my fees, afraid to manipulate people, face people, face...myself. 

So I stayed hidden, deepening my skills, receiving amazing coaching and healing, becoming more and more masterful in what I did.

All to avoid just actually confronting my deep wounding around God (which showed up in money), avoiding making huge decisions about my life and relationships, avoiding looking at the fact that I didn't know where my next client or dollar would come from, and avoiding learning how to sell. Like really sell. 


Committing, like, really committing to learning to sell, loving to sell, and selling with graciousness, sovereignty, dignity, authenticity and masterful skill set me free. Like, my soul.


It's a deep path that has the power to change you to the core.


This one-hour workshop is a great first step.

Sign up for the workshop.


Questions about the P.O.W.E.R. training? Reach out!

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