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Gene Keys For Business and Branding

When you have your gene keys read through the lens of business and branding, those questions that have tortured you forever about what the hell you actually do feel relieved. You feel validated on who you are, the challenges you've endured to arrive here and clear and inspired on what to do next. 

"Thank you so much for this Vanessa! It’s one of the most valuable things I’ve received! " Derek Lacey - Sleep Coach

Evolving your business and brand as a soul-led entrepreneur or coach can feel so confusing. 

To answer the question, "What do I do and who do I help," is a much deeper, soul-deep question than most would like to admit. 

It's not as simple as just filling in an 'I help' statement and creating mental clarity. It requires you to to know the truth of your work in your heart and feel the certainty of it in your body. 

The path to clarity around your work, what is different about your approach to it, how you approach it and how you express it are nuanced and deep. 

You can feel it, you just can't articulate it. 

That's where I come in. I can articulate it. Maybe even better than you could.

"Tears of love and deep recognition.  You spoke to my soul and I know I was ready to hear it."
- Janet Hill, Spiritual Healer and coach for Mothers

I'll dive into your gene keys and share with you an in-depth reading on:


  • Your core wound and how it influences the core offering and the result you help people create

  • What the essence of what your practical work in the world is

  • How  to position that work unique to you, even if 100,000 other people also share it

  • Your methodology and 'how' you help people arrive at the result

  • The healing work you're called to in order to fully actualize your business

  • What you must embody to be more magnetic in your life / marketing

  • The visuals and imagery to bring into your visual brand

  • And the deepest, ultimate expression of your work

  • You'll also understand how to clearly identify the specific ways you show up in your business when you're coming from wounding and how to shift into higher states of being

How we work together:

You book your reading and send me your birth details
I will do a review of your current brand / business
I'll do your reading and then send you a 25-30 minute video taking through all of the elements of your chart that illuminate clarity on your business, message, voice and branding
We'll schedule a 45 minute calls to go over questions and practical next steps

Gene Keys For business reading: $500 

Reading + one month of Whatsapp support to action it in your business $1400


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Gene Keys are one of the most powerful tools for spiritual evolution I've ever worked with. 

Just by exploring them, I swear your consciousness shifts. 

When you combine that with distilling them down to simplicity (one of my gifts) and then having their magical teachings related to you and your journey specifically and then applied to very practical elements of your business, the outcome is mind blowing. 

A little about me...

One of the greatest gifts of my life was that I lived completely disconnected from God from about the age of 6 to 31. 

I can almost remember the exact moment I cut God off. 

I spent my life driven, ambitious and obsessed with practicalities, strategies and money. 

I spent the last 7 years completely devoted to coming back into union with soul, self and God and have worked at length in deep spiritual healing, plant medicines and Gene Keys to do it. 

The lifetime of separation and the near-decade of deep spiritual devotion has taught me to live in both worlds and speak both languages. 

So when I read the deeply spiritual and contemplative language of the Gene Keys, I can translate it into specific, relatable, practical and actionable information for you to use in the evolution of your soul and business. 

It's all about the spiritual. 

But the material is spiritual. 

This reading will help you bring them together.

The other details:

I've been a performance coach and healer for 15 years. I built a 6 figure coaching business in a few years and then grew it to multiple six figures before I blew the entire thing up and  went back to the start. 


It wasn't aligned. Not fully. And for the renegade spiritual entrepreneurs I work with 99% aligned might as well be 0. Not that my strategy every time will be demolition, but it was needed this time. 

In the rebuild, the line between soul and business, God and money, practicality and spirituality is gone. As far as i'm concerned, there is nothing on this planet that isn't spiritual. 

It's our job to remove anything in the way of us thinking there is. 

You can, and are absolutely supposed to, have everything your soul desires.

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