Shift from High ACHIEVER to High PERFORMER.

>> From Force and Effort to EXPONENTIAL RESULTS. <<


And I’ve always been a rule breaker.

In part, a function of my upbringing, and mostly a function of my wild spirit, I seem incapable of following the rules, long for freedom, crave deeper and edgier levels of vulnerability and self-expression, and am endlessly called and inspired by more.


More adventure, more spontaneity, more money, more success. 

What I’ve learned in my ten years as an author, speaker, coach, and entrepreneur is that there actually are no fucking rules. Except the ones you create yourself and believe from others.


When you begin to see this, you can shift away from it in service to your own evolution. It takes courage. Willingness. Infinitely deeper layers of self-love. Vulnerability. And guts.


But if you’ve read this far, I know you’ve got all of that and more. And we’re going to get along great.




How one woman reclaimed her identity through motherhood

This book is not about motherhood. It's a book about identity. It’s a book about using life’s unexpected circumstances as a lever to open you up to the most authentic, alive, powerful version you can create yourself to be.

- Available Fall 2021 -

If you ever wonder if you have meteoric impact as a coach or a human -
I know a crater I can point you to. My old life and self used to be there.
CHAD CURTIS - Former VP and Entrepreneur


What got you here will not get you to your next level.

Your next level is less about WHAT you do and more about HOW you do it.

When we work 1-on-1, we will shift you at the deepest level so you can actually feel 'there,' experience happiness, and love your fucking life. And as a result, create exponential results.



Helping high performers and leaders create exponential success and a blissful life experience in the process.

Other than myself, Vanessa is the single, most responsible force for the complete transformation of my total life, body, and mind. She should come with a warning label.

RENEE ALBERTS - Author, Poet, Business Owner


A weekly podcast: Ditching force to create exponential results with magic
Vanessa is one of the most integrated, generous, authentic, loving, powerful, and impactful coaches on the planet. By integrated, I mean she so deeply does her own work that when I'm in her presence, I know that no matter where I need to go, she’ll be able to go there with me. There will be no judgment. There will only be deeply held space and presence shared between one powerful loving human and another. When I need someone to see the best in me and beyond, to help me create the next big result, Vanessa is the first person I go to.
RACHEL MADORSKY - LCSW, Self Love Strategist and Executive Coach
Tropical Leaves
Access the first four chapters of my new book, "We Are One: How one woman reclaimed her identity through motherhood" when you preorder my book - available now!


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